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Sea Dragon Face Painting

A half a circle sponge
A round brush
Paint in the colors: gold, blue, red, orange, black, white, brown, and yellow.

1.) Use the blue facepaint to draw the head of the dragon on one side of the lips, continue using the blue face paint to draw the dragon’s body with swishing your hand.
2.) Draw a long blue tail that loops over the forehead.
3.) Next use the gold face paint to sketch out the scales, hair and fire.
4.) Now add the red facepaint to create more depth to the gold fire.
5.) Make an eye and teeth in white facepaint by dotting the brush in the right spot.
6.) After that, take the black face paint and outline the dragon. Make sure to add a pupil to the dragon.
7.) You can add accents with the white facepaint if you feel like it.
8.) Now you can move your face to make the dragon move.

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