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Mardi Gras Mask

A half a circle sponge
A round brush
Paint in the colors: gold, green, metallic silver, blue, purple, light blue, black, and white, sparkles, and details.
Jewels & Adhesive(for the jewels if needed)

1.) Use your sponge with green and metallic silver facepainting across the face to create a crown.
2.) Now use your brush to make more defined crown using the same color you created.
3.) Add purple paint to your sponge dabbing it underneath the green making sure to blend.
4.) Now take your gold paint with your brush to make an outline around the Mardi Gras Mask. Make sure to make the lines even on both sides. You don’t want your Mardi Gras Mask to be lopsided.
5.) Now create a crosshatch across the inside of the masking using the gold. Start to make spirals around the mask to make an elegant Mardi Gras mask.
6.) Add accents by making dots around the mask. You can add blue to make definition on the facepainting against the blue.
7. Now you can add a jewels to the middle of the mask.
8. Add sparkles!

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