Tiger | Silly Academy


A half a circle sponge
A round brush
Paint in the colors: gold, yellow, orange, black, white.

1.) Use your sponge with white facepaint. Add it to the eyelids and the mouth.
2.) Now you will add yellow facepaint to the nose, cheeks, and around the rest of the face that doesn’t have white.
3.) Next use orange around the face.
4.) Add gold to the face to add some shine to the face.
5.) Next use the black facepaint to add details to the tiger by starting with the nose and mouth. Add teeth, then add the muzzle. You can add more color to the lips.
6.) Next add dots to the tiger’s muzzle.
7.) From the corner of the eyes, start to dab lines to create fur effect. Start to create lines around the face.

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